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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


LASER CRYSTAL: Two Dolphins with Large Coconut Trees

(subject to inventory quantities, and design availability)

This is a 3-D Laser Crystal Art Piece of "Two Dolphins with Large Coconut Trees".

Laser Crystal Art is created by a powerful laser beam which is highly focused on a spot inside the crystal, melting microscopic pieces of glass. Then the laser beam refocuses to burn another spot, corresponding with the previous one. It is repeated thousands of times, to create this amazing 3-D image inside the glass. Crystal design has bevelled edges, and measures approximately 3" x 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm x 80mm).

Comes with nice gift box (see picture). Perfect as a small unique gift or desk decor. Please click on above image for greater detail, however the 2-D picture on the Internet does not do justice to this lovely 3-D Laser Crystal.

We recommended that you consider also purchasing the "Crystal Rotary Slide Show" item. This spectacular LED light is designed to make the 3D laser crystal look more breath taking when you put the crystal on top of the base.

The base utilizes a stylish rotary mirror disc and LED lighting show, which make the 3D-image glow in an amazing fashion. This beautiful crystal with the brilliant color will brighten up any room or location that you put it in.

The large display (4" diameter) has 8 rotary lights and and the small display (3" diameter) has 4 rotary lights are both listed under separate cover and not included in the above price.


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