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Monday, September 05, 2005


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Thursday, September 01, 2005

ARCDisk 4GB Hard Drive USB Key

ThinkGeek Gadgets

4 Gigs in less than 2 inches

Archos has created some seriously nice storage with the ArcDisk. It's an external 4GB hard drive in a USB key format and comes in a compact and lightweight package. Perfect for taking files home from work or transporting photos and video around town. The foldable USB connector is also very handy, eliminating the need to tote a USB cable with you. Oh, you like carrying a USB cable everywhere you go? Well, use it as a belt or something.
Also has these great features.

USB 2.0 (compatible USB 1.1) with built-in foldable USB connector
Very cost-effective storage option
Slim, lightweight design
Dimensions: 1.8" x 1.7" x 0.5"
Weight: 1.4 oz (40 g)
Comes with: USB extension cable, strap and instructions in six languages
One-year warranty

Drake Modular Roll Top Desk and Chair

Drake Modular Roll Top Desk and Chair - $ 1499.98
The classic look of the "Drake" home office collection brings both style and function to your home office needs. With the ample space and storage compartments, this roll top desk is perfect for any home office. This desk has all the features that makes Ashley home office furniture a must have for any home. Features: Constructed of oak solids and veneers. Rustic English brown oak finish. Finished on all sides. Dual pullout secretary trays. Pull-out keyboard tray. Locking tambour door. Rustic hardware. Multi-panel raised panel sides. Interchangeable storage compartments and drawers. Cord and ventilation management. The location of the -24R Desk Return can be reversed. CPU storage. Several storage compartments. Holds up to 17" monitor. 5 spoke tilting swivel chair on casters. Nailhead trim on chair. Includes: Modular Left Base: 13"W x 32"D x 29"H Modular Right Base: 18"W x 32"D x 29"H Modular Rolltop (Dimensions: Overall Size) 54"W x 33"D x 28"H Upholstered Arm Chair: 22"W x 23"D x 37"H

Village Garden Console

Village Garden Console - $ 672.98
Fully Assembled. Dimensions: 41" X 18-3/4" X 37-1/2" tall Finish: "Mocha" with hand painted flower decoration and "Harvest" Marble top.

Onyx Reclining Sofa and Stationary Loveseat Group

Enjoy the luxurious look and feel of leather without spending a fortune to get it. The “Durahide-Onyx” premium urethane upholstery collection is an advanced new polyurethane that mimics the luxury of high quality leather. With a rich black color and comfortable plush design, the “Durahide-Onyx” upholstery collection brings a sophisticated, high-class look to any Home Environment®.

Warranty Information:
Springs---5 years
Reclining Mechanisms---5 years
Leather--- 3 years
Fabric---1 year
Cushions---1 year

Features: Constructed of solid wood lumber. Corners are glued, blocked and stapled. Stripes and patterns are match cut. All fabrics are pre-approved for wearability and durability against AFMA standards. Cushion cores are low melt fiber wrapped and 1.8 density. Features metal drop-in unitized seat box for strength and durability. All metal construction to the floor for strength and durability. Infinite position mechanism.

Click here to request a fabric swatch: swatches@furnitureforsale.com

Group Includes:
Reclining Sofa: 87"W x 41"D x 40"H
Loveseat: 63"W x 41"D x 40"H

Howard Miller Taylor

Howard Miller Taylor
- $ 5439.98
Elegant swan neck pediment features crotch mahogany and accenting holly and ebony inlays. The elaborate dial features raised Arabic numerals and a special moon phase with Presidential Collection hemispheres. Holly and ebony fan inlays are repeated on the lower door and again centered on the base. All of the glass is beveled. Base also features complementing crotch mahogany. Finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. Free heirloom plate will be engraved with your family name and a special date. Locking door for added security. Automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. Cable-driven, triple chime Kieninger movement offers automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. H. 87-1/4" (222 cm) W. 20" (51 cm) D. 13" (33 cm)

Busted Tees - They Look Good on Girlfriends Too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Black Eyed Peas

Elephunk (W/2 Bonus Tracks)Monkey Business

What do you mean .. you don't have these CD's in your collection yet???

Marshmallow Shooter

ThinkGeek Gadgets

Go Ahead . . . Shoot S'more!
The Marshmallow Shooter is an excellent addition to the office arsenal, shooting calamitous confections over 30 feet. It is easy to fire and reload, making it perfect for quick attacks (or rapid defense). The Shooter holds up to 20 marshmallows for extended office campaigns, and is capable of rapid fire for laying down cover for coworkers.

The Shooter comes equipped with 20 foam pellets (non-edible, but squishy) which are also fun to shoot. Marshmallow ammo is sold separately to maintain freshness. Each Ammo bag is 4.4 oz (the bag we counted had 247 rounds) of some of the tastiest (and deadliest) mini-marshmallows imaginable – straight from Marshmallowville (where, we hear, even the trees are tasty). Truly Ammo-licious!

The Marshmallow Shooter is a Creative Child Magazine 2004 seal of excellence winner – which means it is perfect for the office. The warning on the box says, "Do not eat marshmallows after shooting," but Chris M. thinks when velocity and distance are incorporated into the equation, the 5 second rule is dramatically increased. He agrees with "Do not eat foam pellets," however.

Shoots over 30 feet.
Magazine holds 20 rounds of ammo.
Shoots foam pellets or mini-marshmallows.
20 foam pellets included.
Mini-marshmallows not included, must be purchased separately.

TIX Led Clock

ThinkGeek Gadgets

It's Time For Patterns Telling Time

Patterns can be found everywhere in life. In our DNA, in cloud formations, during a chess game, in your code, in your deviant behaviors, and even in your bottle of Bawls. Patterns give us clues. Clues give us information. Information makes the world a happier place (not necessarily a safer happier place though). In the case of the Tix clock, the patterns can give you the time.

Millions of patterns are possible with the futuristic-looking Tix clock, yet the clock is extremely simple to read once you grasp the basic concept. The four seperate fields act like the four digits of a digital clock. The value of each digit is simply the number of illuminated squares in each field. So any given time of the day may have thousands of different ways of displaying the time. The clocks in the image are displaying the time 12:34. It's that easy! Of course your friends are just going to take a look at your Tix clock and think it's just modern LED art. Dullards...

Please note that the image to your left shows the clock static. However, you can set your Tix clock to update every second so that you end up with a constantly evolving change of patterns that reveals to you the time.


Brushed metal faceplate
Available in Silver or Black
LED illuminators last indefinitely
Three display update options (every second, every 4 seconds, every minute)
Three dimming levels
May be mounted horizontally or vertically
May be placed on desk or wall mounted
Runs on 6V AC with included (US) wall transformer. 60 Hz.
Actual size 10.2" x 3.0" (x 1" deep)

Cimarron Pontoon

Cimarron Pontoon
Cimarron Pontoon

Fast and lightweight 8' (244 cm), lake pontoon boat
Comfortable padded seat conforms to the body
Footrests adjust to any leg length
Mesh rear storage platform
Multiple pockets for gear, small items, or drinks
Dual compartment pontoon safety bladders

Roman Slave Bracelet

Roman Slave Bracelet

Roman Slave Bracelet

The Roman Slave bracelet is a reminder of the medieval jewelry hand adornments of ancient times. The Roman slave bracelet is a beautiful antiqued pewter slave bracelet. Roman Slave bracelet is adjustable; one size fits all. The design of the roman slave bracelet is designed after ancient roman art.

All slave bracelets have the same the design, just different adoration. They are very popular in Asian countries, mostly in India where girls decorated their hands with these slave bracelets.

Armaduras Suit of Armour Engraved

Armaduras Suit of Armour - Engraved, full size replika based on a European suit of armor from the 16th Century.

This full size replica will make an outstanding addition to the decor of any home or office. Crafted in Toledo, Spain in burnished steel with authentic classical engraved details, the suit is fully articulated and mounted on a wooden frame and a polished hardwood base. The sword, which replicates an original owned by Charles V, is included.

Product Height: 78"

Armaduras Suit of Armour Engraved

Armaduras Suit of Armour Engraved

Recommended Animal Products from AnimalDen.com

I have created a virtual store at http://www.PetLvr.com/b/ of neat animal and pet related products at AnimalDen. These make great gifts for yourself and for others.

They have gift items and products on specific animals, pets, cats, dog breeds and wildlife. The products are generally available for each specific animal, pet, cat or dog breed, which include .. shirts, mousepads, address labels, mugs, calendars, jewelry, windchimes and much more.

I personally get my own address labels printed here, for my PapillonLvr.com "E-Bay" business, and a few other neat Papillon related products for the home (we have two wonderful Papillon Dogs named Maxxie and Sophie!) You can get other breed items too!

I set-up a virtual store that you can easily search for any product by product, by breed, or even by price level.

You should go.

Recommended Animal Prints from Art.com

I have created a virtual store at http://www.PetLvr.com/a/ of neat animal and pet related pictures at Art.com. These make great posters and you can even get them framed!

If you are not familiar with ART.COM, they have over 10,000+ prints and art reproductions from over 7,000+ artists.

You should go.

Spiderman Animated Musical Lamp

Spiderman Animated Musical Lamp

Detailed Spider-Man figure crouched atop building

Detailed base and stem look like NYC skyscraper

Rotating light show projected onto lamp shade

Spider-Man music plays and lights flash with power switch or
demo button

Sound On/Off

On/Off LED light

Full size desk lamp - stands 18" high
Base measures 10" x 10" x 4"

Base color is light brown

This product is shipped to: United States or Canada

5" TFT LCD Television With Stand & Remote Control


5" TFT LCD Color Screen
Slim Compact Design
Full Channel VHF/UHF Receiver
TFT Active Matrix Display
LCD Profile Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 224,640 Pixels (960x234)
Built-in Speaker
Auto-channel Programming (90 Preset Channels)
OSD: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Volume, Sharp, Tint Controls
Audio/Video Input Jacks with A/V Cable
External TV Antenna & Headphone Jacks
Telescopic Antenna
3-Way Power (Car Cord Included & AC/DC Operation)
Detachable/Mountable Stand (Included)
Remote Control (Included)
UL Listed Adaptor (Included)

This product is shipped to: United States or Canada

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Excalibur Sword Letter Opener And Stone Base

Excalibur Sword Letter Opener And Stone Base

Excalibur Sword Letter Opener And Stone Base

This lovely 6 3/4" high Excalibur sword is the perfect size for cutting thru your sealed mail.

This lovely 6 3/4" high Excalibur sword is the perfect size for cutting thru your sealed mail. It has a solid pewter handle detailed with colorful faceted Swarovski Crystals. Our accompanying "stone" stand is highly detailed in heavy pewter. A perfect stand for this legendary piece of medieval folklore.

Roman Sandals

Roman Sandals

Roman Sandals

The Roman Sandals were worn by the Roman Legion for the long march and the long campaign that often followed it. The hobnails kept the sole from wearing out too quickly. The Roman Sandals are constructed of leather. Available in brown or black.

The Roman Sandals were officially called the 'Caligae.' The hobnailed sandals, made from pig leather were thick-soled and heavy. The hobnails were hollow- headed and a lining may have been used inside for comfort. The heavy sandals are the classic Roman army boot. Numerous examples have been found at first-century sites.

Caligae were as important as armor, because the legions won wars by fast marches as much as by battle. These sandals were strong and well-ventilated with patterns of iron hobnails especially designed to take weight and withstand miles of marching. A soldier would wear out and obtain new caligae every 6 months or so, after many repairs were made. Often wool socks were worn under the caligae, which made them much more comfortable. Many styles of caligae were made, though military forms seem to have followed a similar style.

Monty Python Helmet Of The Black Knight

Monty Python Helmet Of The Black Knight

Monty Python Helmet Of The Black Knight

Full-size helmet of the Black Knight features all the same things the real Black Knights helmet was known for.

Hold on to your coconuts, because here comes the most fantastic line up of official Monty Python and the Holy Grail collectibles ever to survive a French taunting. The same expert craftsmanship which you have come to expect from Windlass has gone into this hilarious replica. Includes a display stand with certificate of authenticity. Strictly limited to 1500 worldwide.

Ladies Gathered Skirt

Gathered Skirt

Gathered Skirt

The gathered skirts are made of soft cotton that mimicks the weave of linen without the expense.
Select color and your waist size.

A double set of lace holes in the back of the waistband allows for adjusting the fit should you lose or gain weight. The extra-high waistband is superior to elastic waistbands because it helps to keep the chemise or partlet tucked in all day. You'll never look disheveled.
Shown with Twill Bodice Q419 and Decorated Chemise, for endless combinations.

Size Chart:
Man Shirts:
S(36"-38"), M(40"-42"), L(44"-46"), XL(46"-52")

S/M (52" chest), L/XL (57"chest)
S(42" chest), M(46" chest), L(50" chest), XL(54" chest)
S(36-38), M(40-42), L(44-46), XL(48-50)

Ladies Dresses:
S/M (32"-38"), L/XL (40"-48")
S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20)

Swordswomen Shirts:
S(8-10), M(14-18)

S/M (32"-36" bust), L/XL (38"-42" bust)
S/M(6-12), L/XL(14-20)

4-Port Hub Illuminated Mousepad

ThinkGeek Computing

Clever Location for a USB Hub!

At first glimpse, what you see before you is a quality gaming mouse pad with a highly accurate mousing surface and some soothing blue LEDs to boot. Well, look again, because the sweet mousing accessory you're looking at is also a high-speed USB Hub! Across the back of this nifty mousepad you'll find high-speed USB ports, perfect for plugging in your digital camera, mp3 player, and dare we suggest it... your mouse!

4-Port USB Hub Mousepad

Ultra-precise mousing surface works well with optical and mechanical mice
Blue LEDs add some nice glowing effects to your workspace for nighttime illumination or just some extra pizzazz
4 high-speed USB ports located at the back of the mousepad
Must be plugged into a high-speed USB port on your PC to provide high speed performance for your connected devices
Non-powered hub cannot provide power to your non-powered USB devices
Dimensions: 11" x 9"

Sonic Impact SoundPads

ThinkGeek Electronics

Instant Speakers!
SoundPads stick-on speakers transfer sound to any surface you stick them on. SoundPads convert posters, bookcases, tables, doors - any thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers! Sound quality varies depending on the surface you peel and stick them on, so be creative!

These are designed to stick permanently to the location to which they are adhered. A bit of trial and error in choosing where to mount the sound pad is recommended. For example, you might find improved sound quality in one area of a framed picture by sliding the pad on its surface (before peeling to expose the adhesive), so be creative *before* you give these a permanent home...

SonicImpact SoundPads

Converts any thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers, including posters, pictures, bookcases, boxes and more
Contains 2 stick-on speakers
Discrete, ingenious, peel and stick design
Makes most surfaces thump with sound
Wire to almost any amplifier (speaker wire not included)
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Recommended Power: 10W - 50W input
Power Rating: 6W each
Weight: 2 oz each
Dimensions: 4.2" dia. x .9" H

ProStart Remote Starter with Alarm

ProStart Remote Starter with Alarm
ProStart Remote Starter with Alarm

Automatic transmission
Available for all automatic or manual transmission cars and trucks
Includes a full-function alarm system
Includes a keyless entry with trunk release, door lock/unlock, panic button
Comes with two keychain remotes
Dual-stage shock sensor
120 decibel, 6-tone siren
5-zone protection includes sensors for doors, trunk, hood, ignition and excessive vehicle movement
800-foot (240 m) remote range
All wiring and installation instructions included

SuperCycle Kidz Wooden Rail Wagon

SuperCycle Kidz Wooden Rail Wagon
SuperCycle Kidz Wooden Rail Wagon

Seamless steel body with no-scratch edges
Durable steel wheels with real rubber tires for a quiet ride
Controlled turning radius prevents tipping
Handle folds under for easy storage/transportation
Body size: 38 L x 19¾ W x 20¼" H (96 x 50 x 51 cm) and weighs 26.6 lbs. (11.8kg)