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Sunday, August 21, 2005

4-Port Hub Illuminated Mousepad

ThinkGeek Computing

Clever Location for a USB Hub!

At first glimpse, what you see before you is a quality gaming mouse pad with a highly accurate mousing surface and some soothing blue LEDs to boot. Well, look again, because the sweet mousing accessory you're looking at is also a high-speed USB Hub! Across the back of this nifty mousepad you'll find high-speed USB ports, perfect for plugging in your digital camera, mp3 player, and dare we suggest it... your mouse!

4-Port USB Hub Mousepad

Ultra-precise mousing surface works well with optical and mechanical mice
Blue LEDs add some nice glowing effects to your workspace for nighttime illumination or just some extra pizzazz
4 high-speed USB ports located at the back of the mousepad
Must be plugged into a high-speed USB port on your PC to provide high speed performance for your connected devices
Non-powered hub cannot provide power to your non-powered USB devices
Dimensions: 11" x 9"


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