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Friday, August 12, 2005

Gold-filled Celtic Brooch

Gold-filled Celtic Brooch

Gold-filled Celtic Brooch

The Gold-filled Celtic Brooch is very elegant, yet simple! The Celtic brooch is filled with 14K gold over pewter, which makes it much thicker than gold plated. The Gold-filled Celtic Brooch measures 1 ½ inches in diameter.

The design featured on the Gold-filled Celtic brooch is the ever-famous Celtic knotwork. Celtic knotwork is so stunningly beautiful in its simplicity; a single path that never terminates except within itself. Some knots were used as magical talismans for protection. Celtic knotwork is an ancient tradition. Its origins can be traced back as far 500 BC.

There's no single meaning for a knot. Its symbolism differs from person to person, country to another. However, there are no known authentic knotwork designs meaning love or loyalty or many of the other common meanings ascribed to the designs. Nevertheless, the Celts believed that all life was interconnected, and these knots represent that particular belief.


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