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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Greco-Roman Red Crest Helmet

Greco-Roman Red Crest Helmet

Greco-Roman Red Crest Helmet

The Greco-Roman Red Crest Helmet is a spectacular crested helm that originally appeared in a more primitive form in Greece around 350 B.C., but saw its most popular use during the Roman Empire. This type of helmet saw service with Legionnaires, Centurions and Legates up to 400 A.D. and varied from plain to decorative.

The Greco-Roman Red Crest Helmet is made from hand worked brass and is adorned with handsome leather accents and horsehair crest fit for any officer. Although it does not represent any specific helmet, the style appears in many art artifacts through history. A must for any reenactor or collector of fine militaria.

The success of the Roman Empire often depended on the heavily armored foot soldier The Legionnaire. The marched triumphantly from the cold mists of England to the hot, dry plains of the Mideast. In these campaigns, the Romans relied on these helmets for head-protection.


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