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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Greenies Smart-Treats for Dogs Value Packs

Greenies Smart-Treats Jumbo Size Value Pack
16 Oz - Jumbo - For Dogs Over 90 Lbs. - 4 Pack

There's never been anything like Greenies for your dog.
These delicious bone-hard treats clean your dog's breath while they clean his teeth. Greenies with natural chlorophyll help reduce odors, control dental tartar and plaque, strengthen gums, and diminish oral bacteria.

Greenies is the first and only treat to provide all of these benefits in one nutritious, enjoyable chew:

Dogs can't resist the taste.
Helps clean teeth and freshen breath.
Abrasive action decreases buildup of dental plaque.
No by-products, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors.
Created by a veterinarian, clinical nutritionist, and agricultural specialist.
Enhances nutrition.
The Greenies Story
Dr. Joe and Judy Roetheli are dog lovers with a strong interest in animal health and nutrition. But the idea for Greenies was actually inspired by Ivan, their male Samoyed who suffered from terrible breath.

The Roethelis decided to formulate something Ivan would love to chew on that would get rid of his doggie breath and be good for his teeth and overall health.

The results were amazing. With help from a veterinarian and clinical nutritionist, the Roethelis developed Greenies, the first and only smart-treat for dogs. Greenies not only satisfy a dog's natural desire to chew, they contain the natural green advantages of chlorophyll, which comes from plants. And Greenies offer the most complete list of terrific benefits for you and your dog--from dental care to nutrition to fun.

No artificial coloring added, no preservatives, and no plastics or other inert ingredients.


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