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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Homer da Vinci Poster

Vitruvian Homer

A long time ago, a Roman guy named Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (sort of like “pollo” which means chicken in Spanish – mmmmm…..chicken), made a list of body proportions. Then a bit later, but still a long time ago, Leonardo da Vinci corrected some of them and sketched the Vitruvian Man. And now we have Vitruvian Homer – who updates this classic study of proportions, and distorts it to today’s standards.

Homer is backed by his favorite food: a donut, the universal symbol of unity and weight gain. In Homer’s outstretched arms, he holds the four key ingredients to happiness in this world: a hotdog, a can of beer, a pastry, and a remote control. But the best feature of this immortal poster is the look on Homer’s face. Is he deep in thought, or just confused? Is he pondering the complexities of life, or just wondering how his fig leaf is staying in place?

Dimensions: 23" x 35"



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