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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ladies Gathered Skirt

Gathered Skirt

Gathered Skirt

The gathered skirts are made of soft cotton that mimicks the weave of linen without the expense.
Select color and your waist size.

A double set of lace holes in the back of the waistband allows for adjusting the fit should you lose or gain weight. The extra-high waistband is superior to elastic waistbands because it helps to keep the chemise or partlet tucked in all day. You'll never look disheveled.
Shown with Twill Bodice Q419 and Decorated Chemise, for endless combinations.

Size Chart:
Man Shirts:
S(36"-38"), M(40"-42"), L(44"-46"), XL(46"-52")

S/M (52" chest), L/XL (57"chest)
S(42" chest), M(46" chest), L(50" chest), XL(54" chest)
S(36-38), M(40-42), L(44-46), XL(48-50)

Ladies Dresses:
S/M (32"-38"), L/XL (40"-48")
S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20)

Swordswomen Shirts:
S(8-10), M(14-18)

S/M (32"-36" bust), L/XL (38"-42" bust)
S/M(6-12), L/XL(14-20)


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