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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Liquid Lens MO

Liquid Lens MO

Liquid Lense makes scratches on your eyeglasses disappear. The amazing fill and seal technology lets you glide over unsightly scratches, and create a perfectly level seal. Once sealed, you'll never be able to notice where the scratch used to be. And because of the special liquid polymer in Liquid Lense, your prescription will never be altered. You can feel safe using liquid lens on all types of glasses. The special formula also can remove cloudiness from your lenses. It's been tested on glasses scratched with steel wool and sandpaper, and worked to perfection every time!

Liquid Lense Includes:

Micro Resurfacing Cleanser

An Optometrist Quality Lens Polishing Cloth

Liquid Polymer Scratch Removal Formula with “Fill and Seal” Technology

** Liquid Lense Will Not Bond to Glasses Treated with an Anti-Glare Solution.

This product is shipped to: United States only


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