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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Night Dragon Tapestry

The Night Dragon tapestry is made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, color-fast and machine washable. The image of the Night Dragon is positioned on the entire tapestry, featuring large bat wings, long tail and large nails. The size of the Night Dragon tapestry is 80" by 100". The tapestry is available in blue.

The dragon symbolized evil in the ancient Middle East, and the Egyptian god Apepi was the great serpent of the world of darkness. The Greeks and Romans sometimes represented dragons as evil creatures and sometimes as beneficent powers acquainted with the secrets of the earth. In Christianity the dragon symbolized sin and paganism, and saints such as St. George were shown triumphing over it. Used as warlike emblems in many cultures, dragons were carved on the prows of Norse ships and depicted on royal ensigns in medieval England. In the Far East the dragon was a beneficent creature, wingless but regarded as a power of the air. In China it symbolized yang in the yin-yang of cosmology, and it served as the emblem of the royal family.

Night Dragon Tapestry

Night Dragon Tapestry


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