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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Roman Sandals

Roman Sandals

Roman Sandals

The Roman Sandals were worn by the Roman Legion for the long march and the long campaign that often followed it. The hobnails kept the sole from wearing out too quickly. The Roman Sandals are constructed of leather. Available in brown or black.

The Roman Sandals were officially called the 'Caligae.' The hobnailed sandals, made from pig leather were thick-soled and heavy. The hobnails were hollow- headed and a lining may have been used inside for comfort. The heavy sandals are the classic Roman army boot. Numerous examples have been found at first-century sites.

Caligae were as important as armor, because the legions won wars by fast marches as much as by battle. These sandals were strong and well-ventilated with patterns of iron hobnails especially designed to take weight and withstand miles of marching. A soldier would wear out and obtain new caligae every 6 months or so, after many repairs were made. Often wool socks were worn under the caligae, which made them much more comfortable. Many styles of caligae were made, though military forms seem to have followed a similar style.


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